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November 6, 2019

What’s the Best Ladder for Cleaning Guttering?

November 6, 2019

Autumn is here, and with the blustery wet days comes the need to do those jobs that we just can’t keep putting off. Cleaning the guttering of wet leaves and debris is one of those jobs that’s not particularly enjoyable, but if you have to do it, you may as well do it safely.

Just as you would with other jobs where you’re working at height, you need to choose the right ladders for the job. So what’s the best choice for you? We’ve put together this handy guide to help you out.

Finding your perfect ladder

The most important thing to get right is choosing a ladder that’s compatible with the height of your guttering. But remember, the total height of a ladder is not the height you’ll be working at. The total height is the full length of the ladder, but because you should never stand on the top few rungs, the height at which you are able to safely work is the height you should take into account. The aim should be to be able to reach the guttering without overbalancing the ladder.

How big is your house?

Obviously, some ladders are better suited to certain types of home, so:

If you live in a bungalow, or another type of single-storey property, you might find that a stepladder is enough to help you get the job done. Though since the guttering on a single-storey property is usually more than 3 metres from the ground, you might find that an extension or combination ladder is the ideal choice.

If you live in a two-storey dwelling, as most people do, your guttering will be almost 5 metres from the ground, so as you might have guessed, a stepladder won’t cut it here. For two-storey buildings, an extension ladder with a reach of at least 5.8 metres, or anything up to 8 metres is just the ticket.

The ladders we recommend for cleaning guttering

If you live in a bungalow:


Our stepladders are a worthwhile investment for residential, commercial, professional, and industrial environments. They’re an everyday essential for performing tasks like changing light bulbs, retrieving items from high shelves, accessing machinery, maintenance work, and picking orders. They are invaluable when it comes to working at height, and we’ve got a model to suit just about every job you can think of.

In the safetysteps.co.uk collection, you’ll find step-ladders for short-term and long-term use. Our stepladders are made in the UK, and meet all current safety standards. They also include a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. You’ll find multipurpose stepladders, aluminium folding stepladders, easy-slope stepladders, glass-fibre stepladders, double-decker stepladders, and more in our range, and all units are modifiable and come with a range of tread options.

Well-suited to household, commercial, retail, and industrial settings, our stepladders will keep you safe when working at height. Many models include wheels for portability, safety rails for support, and non-slip treads to instil confidence when you’re reaching for that top shelf. They are suitable for use on all floor surfaces and terrains and many of our safety ladders come with EN-14183 certification.

Folding neatly for storage when not in use, our stepladders are ideal for those with limited storage space. They’re a popular choice for family homes, smaller offices, school janitors, mobile maintenance workers, warehouse operatives, and engineers, as they are portable, lightweight, and suitable for a wide variety of tasks.

We recommend:

Aluminium Swingback Steps by Climb-It, are suitable for many environments and are ideal for a variety of maintenance applications. They come with a unique strengthening beam incorporated into non-slip treads and rubber feet plus aluminium side arms to prevent slips and twists. These stepladders are available with or without handrails and they’re lightweight and easy to carry.

Combination ladders

These are a great buy for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, because they are so versatile and fully adjustable to suit the job at hand. They’re made from quality materials and come with a manufacturer’s warranty so they’re a great investment for builders, electricians, engineers, painters & decorators, warehouse operatives, and factory workers who use ladders regularly.

They are available in a wide variety of models and designs to suit every workplace, and because they are height adjustable, they suit any job. Robust locking mechanisms will secure them in your chosen configuration.

These ladders fold neatly for easy storage and transportation, so they’re ideal for mobile tradesmen who need a portable solution for their work vans.

We recommend:

Our 3 Way Combination Ladder is a light and easy to use ladder which is easily transported, making this a good choice for painters and decorators, janitors, builders and for any jobs which need a versatile ladder. The ladder is equipped with a stabiliser bar and a secure locking hinge for added support and safety.

For two-storey dwellings:

We recommend:

Our combination ladders are designed to be practical to many different environments and jobs, and our Professional Combination Ladder is no exception. It’s certified to BS EN-131 and can be used as a stepladder with a base stabiliser, a free standing combination ladder, or a 3 part extension ladder.  It incorporates large rungs for comfort when climbing and a large stabiliser bar with solid sidearms to increase the safety and add stability. It’s the perfect choice for DIY tradesmen or handymen.


To find out more about our range of high-quality, great value safety steps, contact our friendly sales team on 01684 252212 or at [email protected]