Strong, Stable, and Safe: Are Scaffolding Towers Your Best Work at Height Option?

When working at height, the first rule is you have to have the best equipment for the job. Some pieces of kit like stepladders give you stability but not a great deal of height, and you might find that some ladders give you the height you need but you might worry about stability. Enter the […]

Stepladders Versus Slope Platforms: What’s Best For the Job?

When you need to do a job at height, the most important thing is having the right piece of kit to help you get it done safely and efficiently. With some jobs, it will be obvious that you need to use an extension ladder instead of a stepladder (if you’re cleaning guttering on a two-storey […]

The Working at Height Mistakes to Avoid

Working at height is inherently dangerous and is a major cause of injury and fatality among workers. Given the risks involved, even the smallest errors when working at height can be disastrous. Whether it’s accidents or injuries caused by falling from ladders or through surfaces that can’t support the weight of workers and their equipment, […]

Choosing the Right Ladders for Your Warehouse

Ladders can come in handy in many working environments, but especially in demanding environments like warehouses, where working at height is a regular occurrence. Working at height brings its own inherent dangers, and having the right ladders for your workspace, and training employees to use them, can go a long way to making your warehouse […]

Glass Fibre Ladders: The Safest Ladder for Electricians

If you’re an electrician, you’ll be used to working at height and this means that you not only have to think about staying safe while working at height, but also doing so safely around sources of electricity. So how do you get the job done safely? Your priority is obviously choosing the right ladder for […]

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Ladders for the Job

If you don’t know your work platforms from your scaffold towers, here’s our handy guide on the most used ladders, how to use them, and the jobs they’re perfect for. Stepladders Stepladders and other types of multipurpose ladders are great for indoor jobs and cleaning ground floor windows as they allow you to reach up […]

The Ultimate Guide to Ladder Safety

Even if you’ve been using ladders for years, you still have to pay attention to safety and use the ladder in the most effective way to help you get the job done. Here’s our ultimate guide to ladder safety. Choose the right ladder This probably seems obvious, but choosing the most appropriate ladder for the […]