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A multipurpose solution for the workplace and home, Folding Step Ladders provide the extra elevation needed to work at height without taking up valuable floor space. A workday essential for electricians, builders, painters & decorators, maintenance workers, janitors, warehouse operatives, and storeroom workers, folding stepladders provide a safe working platform, while folding neatly for storage in works vans and store cupboards when not in use.

In the collection, you’ll find a wide range of Folding Step Ladders for household, commercial, professional, and industrial applications. Manufactured in the UK, our stepladders are made from top-quality materials, configurable with a range of tread options, and designed to help you comply with workplace safety standards, with many models certified to EN-131.

Aluminium folding step ladders, steel folding step ladders, and chrome-plated steps are all available in our exclusive online range, along with a selection of non-conductive fibreglass step ladders for electricians and those working in high-voltage environments.

Aluminium Stepladders

Hailo M60 – Work Platform

£108.00 (ex. VAT)

Aluminium Stepladders

Aluminium Folding Steps

£48.00£69.00 (ex. VAT)

Aluminium Stepladders

Aluminium Wide Steps

£251.00£394.00 (ex. VAT)
£57.00£74.00 (ex. VAT)

Aluminium Stepladders

Climb-It Aluminium Platform Steps

£71.00£192.00 (ex. VAT)
£164.00£216.00 (ex. VAT)

Aluminium Stepladders

Climb-It Aluminium Swingback Steps

£62.00£166.00 (ex. VAT)
£105.00£173.00 (ex. VAT)
£43.00£72.00 (ex. VAT)
£74.00£140.00 (ex. VAT)

Aluminium Stepladders

Double Decker Stepladders

£77.00£125.00 (ex. VAT)


Folding Steps

£56.00£95.00 (ex. VAT)