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November 22, 2019
November 18, 2019
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Stepladders Versus Slope Platforms: What’s Best For the Job?

November 18, 2019

When you need to do a job at height, the most important thing is having the right piece of kit to help you get it done safely and efficiently. With some jobs, it will be obvious that you need to use an extension ladder instead of a stepladder (if you’re cleaning guttering on a two-storey house, for example).

Though sometimes at first glance, two pieces of equipment can seem so similar that you can’t choose which to use without a little guidance.

In this blog, we’re going to look at stepladders versus podium steps/slope platforms. These two pieces of kit can look similar, their design features actually make them quite different. Every feature makes them more suited to a certain type of job.



When you would use a stepladder versus podium steps/slope platforms

Changing wall-mounted fixtures like shelving or lights

Whether you’re at home or in the office, you’re likely to have some sort of wall fixture. If you’re tall with a good reach, you might be able to do the job with ease, but if not, you need a piece of kit that can give you that extra bit of height you need.

Choose: A stepladder. This is the easiest and more budget-friendly choice for a run-of-the-mill DIY job.

Jobs involving ceiling fixtures

You need to tackle ceiling fixtures a little differently. If you have low ceilings, you’re probably fine and dandy without equipment (if you’re reasonably tall). If you have high ceilings however, you definitely need a little help.

Choose: Podium steps/slope platforms

Stepladders could do the job, but podium steps tend to have more stability, due to the support legs they have around their base. This means you can do the job you need to, safe in the knowledge that there’s less risk off it tipping over than with stepladders. Another advantage is that there is usually a cage or guardrails around the working platform, which will allow you to feel extra safe and supported when you’re working with tools than if you were up a stepladder.

Indoor and outdoor jobs

Indoor and outdoor jobs that require you to work at height need to be approached quite differently. Indoors, there’s no weather to contend with, and the chances are, you’ll be working on a far more stable surface.

Choose: Podium steps/slope platforms

While stepladders are usually a cheaper, less specialist option, you need to be sure they can withstand the weight of you plus any tools you’ll be working with. Stepladders should always be used on an even surface, which can make them somewhat less suitable for some outdoor tasks.

Podium steps/slope platforms can handle more weight and are safer, mainly due to their reinforced structure, lockable wheels, and superior stability, and this makes them more suited to a wider variety of jobs.



Our stepladders

Our stepladders are configurable to suit your requirements, and they are a great investment for residential, commercial, professional, and industrial environments. They’re an essential for daily tasks such as changing light bulbs, retrieving items from high shelves, accessing machinery, maintenance work, and picking orders.

Stepladders are invaluable when it comes to working at height, and we’ve got models to suit every application.

In our range, you’ll find step-ladders for short-term and long-term use and stepladders that are made in the UK. Our stepladders meet all current safety standards and include a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. We offer multipurpose stepladders, aluminium folding stepladders, easy-slope stepladders, glass-fibre stepladders, and double-decker stepladders, and more, and all models are customisable with a range of tread options.

Many models include wheels for portability, safety rails for support, and non-slip treads to instil confidence when reaching for that top shelf or high ceiling. They are suitable for use on all floor surfaces and terrains, are extra-secure with rubber feet, and many models come with EN-14183 certification.

Our Stepladders fold neatly for storage so they are ideal for those with limited space. They’re a popular choice for family homes, smaller offices, school janitors, mobile maintenance workers, warehouse operatives, and engineers, because they are portable, lightweight, and suitable for a wide variety of tasks.

Our podium steps/slope platforms

When it comes to working at height, podium steps/ slope platforms are one of the safest options. They are designed to provide you with a secure platform when working at elevated levels, and they remain the number #1 choice for factories, warehouses, libraries, schools, and professional working environments where supplies are stored at high levels.

In our collection, you will find a selection of models from industry-leading brands. Many are manufactured in the UK, and all of our safety steps come with a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. We stock single-ended platforms, double-ended platforms, service platforms, universal work platforms, and GS-approved slope platform steps to suit every business and budget. We also offer BS EN 131 approved platforms to help you comply with current safety regulations.

Our podium steps/ slope platforms are fully mobile and they have integrated locking mechanisms to keep them securely in place while you work.

Would you like to know more about our stepladders, podium steps, or any of the other safety steps in our range? Our friendly sales team is just a phone call or an email away. Contact us on 01684 252212 or at [email protected]