Weight Reactive

Portable, practical, and designed to offer the highest level of safety during operation, Weight Reactive Safety Steps remain a popular choice for warehouses, storerooms, factory floors, libraries, schools, hospitals, and demanding working environments such as manufacturing plants and industrial sites.

Unlike traditional access platforms, Weight Reactive Safety Steps glide into position on spring-loaded castor wheels that retract into domed feet when you apply body weight to the unit. This secures the unit firmly in place during operation, creating a semi-static workstation. When you dismount the ladder, the castor wheels spring back into action to move the unit to the next job.

At safetysteps.co.uk, we offer one of the largest collections of Weight Reactive Step Ladders and Platforms in the UK today. Manufactured to meet current UK safety standards, our safety steps are made from quality materials, configurable with a range of options to suit your business needs and delivered with a manufacturer’s warranty so you can be confident that are investing in the best.

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