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Choosing the Right Ladders for Your Warehouse

October 21, 2019

Ladders can come in handy in many working environments, but especially in demanding environments like warehouses, where working at height is a regular occurrence.

Working at height brings its own inherent dangers, and having the right ladders for your workspace, and training employees to use them, can go a long way to making your warehouse a safer place.

So what are the benefits of having the right ladders in place in your warehouse and which ladders would suit the space you have? Read on to find out.

The benefits of having the right ladders in your warehouse

  • Having the right ladders in your warehouse can help your employees access higher levels safely and prevent falls from height
  • They reassure your employees that you take their safety seriously
  • They can help you comply with safety law and avoid potentially being sued in cases of accident or injury.
  • They can help you utilise and access all of the available warehouse space you have available

Choosing the right ladder for the space you have

When you choose a ladder, choosing the right ladder for the job is essential, but you also have to take into account the space you have available and the dimensions of your warehouse. You don’t want to invest any hard-earned cash into a ladder that doesn’t really work with the space you have. You also need a ladder that’s going to make work tasks safer and more efficient.

Is most of your space vertical?

If you have a tall, narrow warehouse, most of your products will be stored up high on racks. To reach goods that are stacked high up without having to overreach, you should invest in an extendable ladder such as a combination ladder. Our combination ladders are available in a wide variety of models and designs to suit every workplace and are easily converted to different ladder modes. They are height adjustable to suit any job, and they are equipped with robust locking mechanisms to secure them in your chosen configuration.

Is your warehouse space wider rather than taller?

If your warehouse is wider, you won’t necessarily need a very tall ladder, but you’ll need ladders that you can move between locations. Our Duplex Weight Reactive Steel Tread Mobile Steps are a perfect choice for a warehouse. They’re made right here in the UK from robust steel and are designed for frequent use. They can be safely moved from one location to another and a clever frame in frame design reacts when body weight is applied; the inner frame lowers and rests the 4 non-slip rubber feet on the ground, keeping the unit safely in place.

Do you have a huge stockroom?

If you have a huge warehouse to service, you have a lot of ground to cover, a lot of items to keep track of, and a huge stockroom to replenish your warehouse. If this is the case, mobile ladders with a platform where you can transport some goods if needed are your best bet. Our Easy Rise Steps with Truck/Dock Platform is designed with a 48° slope for comfort and safety. The slope helps the user go down the steps facing forwards. At the top of the steps there’s a large working platform with a removable chain on the end and both sides for 3-sided access. It’s made from a top quality tubular steel and bar construction with a fitted handlock anchorage. When the unit is locked, the front feet rest firmly on the ground with protective plastic floor pads. Expamet treads are fitted to the steps which makes this ladder ideal for loading and unloading outside.


Our Warehouse Safety Steps are perfect for use in demanding working environments and are an essential piece of access equipment for warehouse operatives. They are configurable to suit your on-site requirements, and they’re available with a choice of tread, handrail, and wheel options. Many models have braking mechanisms to keep them securely in place during operation.

Our Warehouse Safety Steps offer the highest level of safety and help you comply with all current workplace standards. They’re made from robust materials and come with a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. For high-risk areas, we offer UK made safety steps that include either EN-131 or EN-14183 approval.

Warehouse Access Steps are well-suited to installation, maintenance, manufacturing, and production tasks. We offer both wheeled and static options to suit every business, and a choice of safety rail options to keep your workforce safe when working at height.


For more information on our warehouse safety steps or any of our ladders, contact our expert sales team on 01684 252212 or at [email protected]