Slope Platforms

When it comes to workplace steps, Slope Platforms are one of the safest options. Designed to provide operatives with a secure platform when working at elevated levels, they remain the number #1 choice for factories, warehouses, libraries, schools, and professional working environments where supplies are stored across multiple levels.

In the Slope Platform Collection, you will find a selection of models by industry-leading brands. Many of our slope platforms are manufactured in the UK, and all our safety steps come with a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. We stock single-ended platforms, double-ended platforms, service platforms, universal work platforms, and GS-approved slope platform steps to suit every business and budget. We also offer BS EN 131 approved platforms to help you comply with current safety regulations.

Fully mobile on wheels and castors, our Slope Platforms glide across all floor surfaces with minimal effort. They feature integrated locking mechanisms to keep them securely in place in the stationary position, and the are available with a choice of tread options to suit every business.

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