Dome Feet

Fully mobile on castor wheels, our Domed Feet Safety Steps glide effortlessly across all floor surfaces. An investment for factories, warehouses, distribution depots, workshops, larger retail outlets, and manufacturing facilities, they allow operatives to access higher levels and complete daily tasks at speed.

Unlike traditional safety steps that secure with breaking mechanisms, Domed Feet Safety Steps feature rubber protection feet that sit over spring-loaded castors. When weight is applied, the rubber domes cover the castors and secure the unit to the floor for stability.

In the Domed Feet Safety Steps Collection, you’ll find multiple styles and designs to suit every workplace. We offer a variety of colours for those working in colour-coded environments, and most models can be customized with different tread options. Practical, portable, and manufactured to strict safety standards, our domed feet steps are EN-14183 certified, and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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