Safety Steps

As specialists in Safety Steps, we offer one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Safety Steps in the UK today. Well-made and well-priced, our warehouse steps, library steps, domed feet steps, mobile safety steps, heavy-duty steps, and service platforms are manufactured to strict workplace safety standards, and many models are made right here in the UK.

At, we never compromise on quality, and all our Safety Steps come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We supply safety steps and ladders for offices, schools, universities, retail outlets, warehouses, factories, hospitals, laboratories, and industrial working environments, and stock the latest models and designs from industry-leading brands. Many of our safety steps and platforms are GS-approved and designed to perform in demanding areas.

A workday essential for warehouse operatives, order pickers, janitors, and technicians, Safety Steps allow them to perform their daily tasks at speed while reducing the risk of workplace injuries. You’ll find both static safety steps and mobile safety steps in our vast online collection, along with our best-selling domed feet safety steps that glide on castor wheels and secure to the floor when weight is applied.

Fully customizable with a range of tread options, our Safety Steps will transform the way you retrieve and stack goods in the workplace. Browse our range now and save time and money by providing your workforce with job-specific safety steps that will keep them moving in the right direction.

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