Compact, convenient, and affordable, our Step-Ups are an investment for the workplace and home. A versatile step solution for reaching high shelves, exploring backs of cupboards, and changing light bulbs, they provide extra elevation when you need it most, and they double-up as stools when you need to take a break from your daily activities.

Ideal for those with limited storage space, Step-Ups are small enough to slot under any workbench, desk, or reception counter when not in use. All our step-up ladders feature non-slip feet for safety on all floor surfaces, and many models are manufactured right here in the UK.

At, we offer Step-Ups to suit residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Our stackable step-ups remain a popular choice for schools, offices, and family homes, while our wheel-along step-ups with grab handles suit more demanding workplaces such as warehouses, factories, and workshops.

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