Handy Steps

Handy by name, handy by nature, Handy Steps are an investment for the workplace and home. Designed to provide the extra elevation needed to reach the top shelf, these sturdy stepladders are made from top-quality materials and manufactured to UK workplace safety regulations.

In the safetysteps.co.uk collection, you’ll find a variety of Handy Steps to suit private residences, schools, hospitals, offices, retail outlets, commercial environments, and industrial sites. Buttress steps, stable steps, double-sided steps, heavy-duty steps, and tilt & pull steps are all available in our Handy Steps range, with many items customizable to suit your business needs.

Made to last, our Static Handy Steps and Wheeled Handy Steps offer exceptional value for money, and all models come with a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. Available with and without handles and with several tread options, they will take your workforce to higher levels while eliminating the risk of falling injuries.

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